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Dr Tan WenQing: Famous Centenarian Orthopaedic Physician of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Dr Tan ZhenGang: Famous Chief Physician of Changchun


Introduction to the “Pills for bone injury and pains”


“Pills for bone injury and pains” are pure Traditional Chinese Medicine (No. Of authorization: Drug production [1999] 0017, 0018 of Jilin Public Health). The pills are invented by famous Tan’s Orthopaedics in Changchun of Jilin. Centenarian TCM doctor Tan WenQing inherited the secrete recipe of more than 400 years of history for the treatment of bone injury and all kinds of bone diseases. Dr Tan WenQing summarized his clinical practice of more than 80 years and the 30 years clinical experience of Dr Tan ZhenGang and created a series of methods of treatment for bone injuries and bone diseases. And he also developed a series of Traditional Chinese Medicine, which is proved to be very effective with a 98% strong efficient rate in clinical usage. The patients recovered rapidly and they gave very high opinion to these drugs. “Pills for bone injury and pains” won Gold Prize in August 1998 in Beijing on the Fair of National Medical and Health Care Product.


Tan’s Orthopaedics clinic of Changchun is the only authentic one in China and the trade mark of Tan’s Orthopaedics was registered and protected by law. Chief physician Tan ZhenGang and Tan WenQing, Healthy Senior of Jilin Province and Top Ten Healthy Senior of Changchun City, sit in the clinic. Tan ZhenGang, the chief physician is the eldest grandson of Dr Tan WenQing and the only authentic disciple of Tan’s Orthopaedics, who is the Famous Doctor of Changchun nominated by CCP committee and government of Changchun City and leading scientist of characteristic project of Changchun City. He is also the postgraduate student in the field of bone injury of famous doctor, expert in orthopaedics, Prof. Liu BaiLing. He is member of Politics Congress of Changchun City and the member and vice president of International TCM Orthopaedics Association, vice chief editor of International Journal of TCM bone injuries, member and vice president of Association of Chinese Bone Injuries, member of orthopaedics branch of Jilin Medical Association, member and vice president of Association of TCM bone injuries of Jilin Province.


Chief physician Tan ZhenGang inherited the skills from his father and read extensively. He has worked in the field of orthopaedics for more than 30 years after graduation. The three generations of Tan’s family based their credit upon their honest work and they used their special TCM method, combining modern medicine with traditional method to treat the bone injuries and bone diseases. Patients from all over China and from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macao, Japan, Canada, Chile, India and Korea of undetermined diseases have been clinically cured.



1.          Bone injuries: injuries of meniscus of knee joints; acute or chronical injuries of ligament; rupture of blood vessel, nerve or tendon; fracture of cervical or lumbar vertebrae; traumatic spinal paraplegia; fracture of skull; traumatic hydrocele; fracture of femur and all kinds of fracture, disconnection of bones, delayed healing of the bones, disjoints and other bone diseases.

2.          Bone diseases: Osteoporosis, hyperostosis; disease of cervical vertibrae, dislocation of intervertebral disks, stricture of lumbar tubes, traumatic pains of lumbar of legs; ischium neuralgia; aseptic bone necrosis; Inflammation of peritendineum; inflammation of shoulder joints; inflammation of femur condyles, wrist tube syndrome; early stage chondroma; residual neuroma and other bone diseases.

3.          other diseases: kidney stones; early stage inflammation of blood vessels; foot diseases caused by diabetes; osteomyelitis; and inflammation of epyphysis.



The drug should be taken orally, three times a day, one package each time for the drug powder and 3-10 tablets for the capsule.



Read carefully before taking the drug

1.          Food like pimiento is forbidden.

2.          Patients like pregnant women or of other chronical disease should consult the doctor.

3.          Consult the doctor if there are other kinds of medication for example physical treatment and acupuncture is forbidden during the administration of the drug.

4.          Few patients will feel pain or uncomfortable at the site of the disease after taking the drug and this feeling will disappear after taking the drug for several days.

5.          The money will not be reimbursed for drug powder after consult and treatment and the patient should be responsible for the result.



Address: 2-9 Building, JiSheng Garden District, Erdao District, Changchun, China

Postal code: 130031

Way of transportation: take bus 361, 1, 301, 268, 259, 247, 287, 115 or route 102 from Jilin Road to Badao Street (at the gate of Labor Park) and walked southward for 100 meters and the drug store is at the left side of the road.

Linkman: Tan He

Telephone: 0431-4911693  4949428



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